Throughout my adult life, I have been passionate about using natural means to support my health.

As an adult, whenever I became ill, my first stance was to use natural means – to enable my body’s self regulating mechanisms. My kitchen cupboards have contained healing foods for a long time!

Often in Western medicine, when a Doctor graduates, they are asked to abide by the Hippocractic oath – which is derived from Hippocrates, a Greek physican who lived 400 BC. However, Hippocrates stressed the healing power of nature, his often quoted words are “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

So the knowledge of using natural means using food to support health has been used for thousands of years – but perhaps our education system, mainstream media and healthcare systems do not focus on this, hence, this website!

When I was a Lecturer at Robert Gordon’s University, I became seriously ill. After extensive surgery and after I recovered, I used a Functional Medicine approach to deduce what contributed to my ill health then drastically changed my diet to ensure I remained healthy – I used a dis-ease prevention approach.

This massively positive health experience led me to study Nutritional Therapy, despite my previous work experience in other areas, attained to a high professional level.

So I embarked on the intensive College of Naturopathic Medicine course, where Year 1 is Biomedicine and in subsequent years studied Nutrition in-depth.

The College of Naturopathic Medicine course uses a (w)holistic Functional Medicine approach re the function of each body system – rather than a specialist approach, as used within Western conventional medicine i.e. Ear, Nose and Throat Department. I learnt how each body system functions and how they relate to other body systems!

This Functional Medicine approach built on what my mentor, Dr Patrick Kingsley (author of “The New Medicine”) taught me and which I’ve used for my own health since 2014. It built on my inner belief, each of us are unique and we need to take time to analyse health from an integrated (w)holistic functional approach, not only each body system, but also mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. Hence, my focus on personalised Nutrition, Lifestyle and Environmental inputs.

I graduated as a Nutritional Therapist from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2017. As I was still fascinated by the success of Functional Medicine I continued my studies with The Institute of Functional Medicine in London re “Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice” in 2018 and “Gastrointestinal Advanced Module” in 2019. I have also studied other specialised areas i.e. Cognitive Brain Health Programme with Cytoplan; Unique Metabolic Needs with Dr. Xiandra Williams; Mental Health and also Women’s Health hosted by the Naturopathic Nutrition Association etc.

I studied a DNA Life Certification course in 2020, analysing gene sets, also based on Functional Medicine – so I can personalise health plans based on DNA results.

I’ve used Bio-resonance for my own health since 2012, which I’ve found to be enormously beneficial re balancing my body. Hence, bought my first Bio-resonance system in 2018, followed by a second system in 2019, which I’ve used a lot in a supportive manner. The balancing nature of Bio-resonance continues to enthrall me.

My quest for learning re Nutritional Therapy, Functional Medicine and Bio-resonance continues to grow, in wonder and amazement, due to the positive health changes they enable.

Patricia Rose Anderson, M.A. Hons., Dip. Educ., H.N.C., NT DipCNM, mIFM