Nutritional Therapist

As each of us are unique, would you like a personalised Nutrition Plan to support your health?

As a Nutritional Therapist, I approach your health using natural means and a (w)holistic, functional medicine approach.

What does this mean?

Before your appointment, you complete an in-depth questionnaire and 3 day food form. Your Nutrition, Lifestyle and Environmental factors are reviewed during your initial appointment, which lasts 1.5 – 2 hours.

Also during your initial consultation, detailed questions provide more comprehensive input i.e. health issues; illnesses; medications; how your body systems function; all illnesses since birth; hospital admissions; past/present family health; your birth; accidents; trauma; food and drink choices; supplements taken; lifestyle analysis e.g. stress levels, work/life balance, sleep patterns, hobbies and exercise etc – based on a (w)holistic Functional Medicine approach.

I like to comprehend what may have contributed to health issues i.e. family medical history; which personal scenarios may increase subsceptibility i.e. toxins and what may cause health issues to persist i.e. lack of sleep.

What is included in your Nutritional Therapy consultation?

Personalised Nutrition, Lifestyle and Environmental outputs re

  • Nutrition – e.g. focused nutrition plan i.e. increase specific healthy foods and reduce unhealthy one’s; use of specific super foods; dependent on health focus – specific vitamins, minerals and supplements; detox processes; food preparation which aids nutrient intake and uptake; cookbooks/recipes etc
  • Lifestyle – e.g. stress reduction; relaxation; enhanced sleep practices; exercise inputs etc
  • Environmental – e.g. reduce toxins; detox practices; using natural products etc

Subsequent appointments are scheduled 4 – 6 weeks apart and last 1 hour.

My nutritional and functional medicine training includes graduating from The College of Naturopathic Medicine and The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) courses i.e. “Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice” in 2018 and “Gastrointestinal Advance Practice Module” in 2019 and The Institute of Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Modules in Gastrointestinal System (2019); Immune System (2021); Bioenergetics (2021); Cardiometabolic (2022) and Environmental Health (2022).

Prior to 2018, most of the attendees at The Institute of Functional Medicine courses were Nutritionists and Naturopaths – nowadays approximately half of attendees are Doctors, who I can only assume attend the training to transition to Functional Medicine as they believe using NATURAL MEANS, rather than the focus on drugs, works in enabling health.

I’ve personally used Functional Medicine for my own health since 2014 – after I was ill and received input from the Functional and Environmental Dr., Dr Patrick Kingsley, author of “The New Medicine“. Ever since then I’ve pursued training and the application of Functional Medicine.


Nutritional Therapy Initial Consultation 120 minutes£120.00
Nutritional Therapy Return Consultation 50 minutes£80.00

Patricia Rose Anderson, M.A. Hons., Dip. Educ., H.N.C., NT DipCNM, mIFM