Functional Medicine and DNA Laboratory Testing

I provide a Laboratory testing service, re DNA, Functional and Conventional medicine tests.

I use a range of Laboratory results to further personalise Nutrition, Lifestyle and Environmental plans, from a dis-ease preventation perspective.

Am trained in Nutrigenomics and a Certified DNA Life practitionerWhat does this mean?

A subset of your DNA is analysed re a particular health area and integrated into your health plan. If a body system is functioning sub-optimally, a personalised plan can accentuate positive genesets and down-regulate the negative, using nutrition, lifestyle and environmental inputs. This is the integration of nutrition, DNA testing and preventative medicine at it’s best.

Throughout my adult life, I have chosen natural medicine to support my health. Hence, when I was diagnosed with a serious illness, after surgery, I researched that area and thereafter used natural means and totally overhauled my diet. Approximately five years later, I tested my DNA. I was delighted that my DNA Health, Mind and Diet results exactly matched the nutrition plan I created five years earlier! This lead me to the question “Prior to becoming ill, had I known about my gene set and changed my diet, lifestyle and environmental factors accordingly, would I still have become ill?!

The main laboratories used are Regenerus Labs, Genova Diagnostics Europe and Nordic Labs – to view tests click on the Laboratory and for a comprehensive test list click here.

Patricia Rose Anderson, M.A. Hons., Dip. Educ., H.N.C., NT DipCNM, mIFM