Nutritional Therapy

As you are unique, would you like a personalised nutrition plan based on your own personal health factors?

As Patricia Rosie is a professionally qualified nutritional therapist, she can support your health using a (w)holistic integrated functional medicine approach.

What does this mean?

Before you attend your initial appointment (currently remotely using Zoom or phone call!), Patricia Rosie will have sent you an in-depth questionnaire and 3 day food input form, to be completed and returned beforehand. Then during your remote, virtual appointment, which lasts approximately 2 hours – she uses her nutrition and lifestyle knowledge using a functional approach in a sensitive manner to review your health – this may include further questions re your main health concerns; past/present health of your grandparents, parents and siblings; your birth i.e. natural or caesarean; illnesses since birth; hospital admissions; queries re body systems; accidents; trauma; stress levels; sleep pattern; exercise; food and drink normally eaten etc. She uses your input, as well as additional focused health questions, to further comprehend what may have contributed to your current state of health (antecedents i.e. family health history), what your personal triggers might be (triggers i.e. environmental toxins) and what may be causing your main health issues to persist (mediators i.e. hormones or self belief systems).

What is included in your nutritional therapy appointment? You are sent a personalised nutrition plan document, which includes relevant food and drink and dependent on your health factors – vitamins, minerals, supplements as well as lifestyle support. It also includes many information documents to support your personal transition – this may include information re your specific nutrition plan; specific foods, drinks, herbs and supplements; cookbooks/recipes and/or food preparation methods etc.

Lifestyle support, dependent on what is relevant, may include detox, stress and sleep support information documents.

As during your initial appointment most of your key health information will already have been gathered, subsequent appointments do not require the same level of your input. Instead, they only require the completion of a 3 day food input form. Based on this and a remote, virtual 1 hour consultation, follow up factors are assessed and whether an updated personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan should be created, along with further supporting documents to make the updated transition state as easy as possible to achieve.

Nutrition Professional Qualifications, Courses and Conferences Attended

DNA Life Certified Practitioner, includes DNA Health, Diet, Mental, Oestrogen, Skin (ageing) and Sport

Nordic Laboratories

2020, London

Gastrointestinal (Gut), Advanced Module

The Institute of Functional Medicine

2019, London

Brain and Cognitive Health Programme


2019, Worcestershire

Unique Metabolic Type

Dr Xiandra Williams

2019, London

Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

The Institute of Functional Medicine

2019, London

Detox Programme – Food, Drinks, Herbs, Minerals, Vitamins and Environmental Factors

Nutri Advanced

2018, Virtual online

Nutritional Therapist, professionally qualified

College of Naturopathic Medicine

2017, Edinburgh


Included …

College of Naturopathic Medicine

2016 – 2017, Edinburgh


Included …….

College of Naturopathic Medicine

2015 – 2016, Edinburgh


Successfully passed exams, 80% pass rate, re each system of the body and each of their associated illnesses, as well as for each conventional medicine inputs vs. natural nutrition inputs

College of Naturopathic Medicine

2014 – 2015, Edinburgh